How Long Does Workers’ Comp Last in California?

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A work injury can require extensive medical treatment, and may even result in permanent debilitation. Your workers’ comp benefits can help you make ends meet while you're unable to work. But how long does workers’ comp last in California? What Type of Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Receiving? Each type of workers' comp benefits pays for different kinds of disabilities, and

What Not to Say to a Workers’ Comp Doctor

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Most people don't understand the power workers' comp doctors have on their claims. Unfortunately, workers' comp doctors often work closely with the insurance company, meaning they may downplay your injuries and cause you to receive a denial of benefits. If you aren't aware of what to say and what not say to a workers' comp

What You Need to Know About Permanent Disability Rating in California

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If you sustained an injury at work and were unable to fully recover, you might receive a permanent disability rating. The rating measures the extent to which your injuries limit the type of work you can do. Ultimately, it determines whether you are eligible to receive permanent workers’ compensation disability benefits. In this article, we

How to Deal With Workers’ Comp Doctors and the Independent Medical Examination

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Once you file a workers’ compensation claim, you might have to undergo an independent medical examination (IME). Often requested by your employer’s insurance company, an IME is conducted by a doctor other than your own. Because the IME is important to your case, it’s best to know what to expect during and after the exam. Below, we discuss how to

Employees’ Rights Under Workers’ Compensation

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California employers have a legal obligation to provide their employees with a reasonably safe work environment. But what happens if they fail to do this and an employee sustains injuries on the job as a result? At Dewberry Law, we can help you understand your employees' rights under workers' compensation. To learn more about whether

How to Get Workers’ Comp in California

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If you are injured on the job, you may need medical care, reimbursement for lost wages, and compensation for other losses. As long as you are eligible for workers' comp, you can obtain monetary compensation regardless of who was liable for your injury. But if you file for workers' comp, you can't file an injury

Workers’ Comp Denied: How to Deal With a Denied Claim

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Workers' Comp Denied: How to Deal With a Denied Claim Insurance companies don’t always play fair. Neither do employers. If your company or their insurance denies your compensation claim you have options available to you. Sometimes you just need to be persistent, have the right leverage, or get enough proof. That said, they aren’t always

8 Tips for Handling Your Workers’ Comp Claim

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8 Tips for Handling Your Workers' Comp Claim No one looks forward to dealing with a workers' comp claim. They can be messy and annoying, and some people will inevitably assume you're gaming the system. But when you're injured on the job, you can't afford to care what others think. You need the benefits — and