Workers’ Comp Knee Injury Settlement

Workers’ Comp Knee Injury Settlement - Pasadena CA AttorneyIf you suffered an on-the-job knee injury, or if a workplace incident worsened your chronic knee pain, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. A knee injury can result in debilitating pain, as well as an ongoing need for medical treatment. You may be worried about covering your daily expenses while you try to rehabilitate. We can help. Below, we will discuss how Dewberry Law can help with your Pasadena CA workers’ comp knee injury settlement and maximize your chances of obtaining financial relief.

Types of Work-Related Knee Injuries

Depending on the type and severity of your knee injury, you may be unable to work for weeks or months. Some people are never able to return to work at the level of activity they engaged in prior to their knee injury.

Different types of knee injuries that commonly occur at work include:

  • Soft tissue injuries – These are often minor and include sprains and sprains. Swelling and bruising are indicators of soft tissue injuries.
  • Knee cap injuries – This may include dislocating or breaking the patella, which is a hard bone surrounded by muscles and ligaments.
  • Meniscus injuries – A meniscus tear can result in instability to the knee, often noticed when the knee “gives out” while climbing stairs or walking. It is extremely painful and can be difficult to repair.
  • Ligament injuries – Ligaments are tough, fibrous connective tissues that can tear or become strained. They often require surgery to repair when torn.
  • Chondromalacia – When cartilage under the patella (knee cap) becomes softened or damaged, it is called chondromalacia. This may result in dull or achy pain in the font of the knee upon kneeling, squatting, and sitting.

Common Causes of Knee Injuries on the Job

Whether you are walking, standing, or kneeling, you are likely constantly using your knees throughout the day at work. If your job requires a lot of knee usage in poorly designed workspaces, then you may be more likely to injure your knees.

Knee injuries in the workplace are responsible for 15-20% of lost time at work due to injuries, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, people who injure their knees spend an average of 16 days away from work in order to heal.

Common ways that knees are injured on the job include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Construction site accidents
  • Falling from a high place, such as a ladder
  • Being struck by moving objects
  • Car and truck accidents
  • Standing or walking during the workday
  • Working in an awkward position
  • Lifting something too heavy or repeatedly

What Is the Difference Between Chronic Knee Pain and Sudden Injury?

What if you suffer from chronic knee pain? Chronic knee pain occurs due to cartilage wearing down through age, overuse, or injury. Tears in the cartilage or arthritis can cause pain and swelling, which can hinder your ability to perform a physically demanding job.

Will a pre-existing knee condition mean that you will automatically lose a workers’ comp claim? Not necessarily. With the help of a skilled attorney, you may be able to prove that a sudden incident at work worsened your condition. Or you may be able to show that a work accident aggravated your systems, and subsequently caused you to undergo knee surgery.

What to Do After a Knee Injury at Work

If you do suffer a knee injury at work, you should seek medical assistance immediately. Make sure the medical professionals who treat you know the nature of your work and how the incident occurred. This should be thoroughly documented in your medical documents. By seeking medical treatment right away, you are indicating the severity of your condition and its relationship to your employment.

After that, you should report the situation to your supervisor or HR department. Some workplaces have emergency personnel who can help you if you are injured. There may also be specific paperwork you will need to complete in order to initiate a claim for workers’ compensation.

You should also contact a workers’ compensation lawyer as quickly as possible after a knee injury at work. Your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company will have their own best interests in mind, and you deserve to have someone on your side too. They may try to deny your claim or prolong approving your benefits. An experienced Pasadena CA workers’ comp lawyer can make sure that your rights are protected and that you file your injury claim correctly.

Workers’ Comp Knee Injury Settlement

After you file a workers’ comp knee injury claim, the insurance company may offer you a settlement. They will want to get rid of the claim as quickly as possible. Although you may need money to cover expenses while you heal, a settlement may not always be in your best interests. You should only opt to pursue a workers’ comp knee injury settlement once you know all of your future medical needs and are sure that they will be covered by the settlement.

Learn More About Your Workers’ Comp Knee Injury Settlement Claim

If you have questions about your claim, contact Dewberry Law today. An experienced Pasadena CA workers’ comp attorney can help you with your workers’ comp knee injury settlement.